The Virgin Mary's Message

From the Virgin Mary on February 1994, from the village of Miouzi in Bosna – Yugoslavia.

My dearest children, I thank you today for your prayers because you helped me. The war is finally coming to an end. I am close to you, and I pray for every single one of you, so please pray. Only through prayer can we save what the devil wants to destroy. I love you all the same and I offer you intercession. You have to pray for our Father (3x) and peace (3x). This message comes from Brazil, with the intercession of Saint Antonios who is from Baswana (North of Italy); it has to circulate the world, so copy this letter (24x) and send it to your family and friends and within 8 days you will have a surprise; don’t think that this is superstition.
  1. Christina received this message; she read it, prayed and sent (24) copies, and after 8 days she won a million dollars.
  2. Orbello Batrab received this message and shredded it, as a result his family connections got worse and he died in Canada.
  3. Evafrank received this message, asked her secretary to do the necessary copies and prayed, as a result her financial conditions improved.
  4. An employee received this message and forgot about it; after eight days he lost his job, so he remembered the message, prayed and sent 24 copies of it. After that, luck started shining the way till he became one of the world’s most famous men.

Don’t laugh at this for any reason; soon this message will reach you in all languages.

“Help us Holy Mary and bless the writer of this message and every person who will receive it”

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